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Guest Bartender Event Calendar
Community members volunteer their time behind the bar as guest bartenders on the night of the event!

Fight Colorectal Cancer

Fight CRC invites you to join us and our guest bartenders for a virtual evening of drinks, fun, and friendly rivalry in supporting Fight CRC.

Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) is the leading patient-empowerment and advocacy organization in the United States, providing balanced and objective information on colon and rectal cancer research, treatment, and policy. We are relentless champions of hope, focused on funding promising, high-impact research endeavors, while equipping advocates to influence legislation and policy for the collective good.

Kendra's Last Call

This event is virtual.
25 years ago (at the ripe age of 3) Kendra started serving up drinks and smiles for patrons of many local watering holes. For the past 11 of those years, she’s been a fixture and a favorite right here at BBC.

In what might be a Covid induced mid-life crisis, she’s decided to join her sister in sunny California. She’ll be setting off July 1st to start a new chapter in her…ummm…’INTERESTING’ story. Join us in a send off celebration for Special K!