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On-Premise Event Night


  • Ladies- Do not wear high heels behind the bar- there are safety mats on the floor and your heels could get caught in them.
  • We will show you how to pour wine, how to pour a draught beer, and how we open a bottle of beer.  Please do not grab a tap handle until a bartender has shown you the proper technique.
  • We ask that you get a credit card from the customer for all food and all drink orders so that your host venue bartender can open a tab on the point of sale system so that the order and all future drinks, refills, etc. are just added to the tab. 
  • No food or drink may served to a customer without first being rung into the point of sale system by a regular bartender.
  • Please do not try to use the point of sale computer system behind the bar- it would take longer than your shift to show you how to ring an order on it!
  • When your shift is over we ask that you immediately leave the bar since there is a very tight schedule to maintain with so many guest bartenders.  You will be escorted from the bar and you will ‘tag’ the next guest bartender.  We ask that guest bartenders do not go back behind the bar until they have been met on the customer side of the bar by the bartender from the previous shift that they are replacing.  It is important that there are only two guest bartenders at a time behind the bar.
  • The most important thing is to remember that we are not asking you to do anything special- just bring as many friends as possible and have a great time for a great cause!

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