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Guest Bartender Program Overview

What is the Guest Bartender Program?

It is a community-based online marketplace that uses social media and volunteer engagement to raise money for charitable causes.

So what does that mean for you? 

It means that we do everything for you. Simply recruit your bartenders from among your friends, family, and co-workers – we'll handle the rest. 

How it really works

VOLUNTEER DRIVEN PROCESS: An event organizer uses our pre-written 'bartender recruitment communication' to recruit 18 Guest Bartenders from the community.

PERSONAL, WARM OUTREACH: Utilizing social media and email, each Guest Bartender invites 125 of their friends, family, and co-workers to your event.

CONSISTENT SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES: The Guest Bartender Program system ensures that consistent and constant branded social media updates and emails are posted at least once a week for four weeks leading up to your event. 

CONSISTENT BARTENDER ENGAGEMENT: Our system utilizes contests, constant communication and other unique fundraising strategies and techniques designed to keep the event top of mind with your bartenders for four weeks leading up to the night of your event. 

Why it really works

VOLUNTEER DRIVEN PROCESS: Departing from classic approaches to fundraising, the burden isn't solely on the charity organizer itself. It comes down to the community partnership between volunteers, event organizers, Guest Bartenders, and their community to promote the event and request donations. The meaningful connections are already there – we help turn them into meaningful donations. 

PERSONAL, WARM OUTREACH: Who are you most likely to respond to: your neighbor, or a paid ad in the corner of a website? It's no wonder that donors respond more effectively to warm sources, such as friends and family, who spread the messaging across all social media platforms, as opposed to paid promotions and cold ads.

CONSISTENT SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES: We're all human, and supporters need to be reminded consistently how and where to donate. Our proprietary system maximizes various social media platforms' own algorithms to increase donations. Did you know that it's the third and fourth communication that generates the actual donation? We do, and that's why we provide you with a successful framework that uses simple messaging and easy click-through links.

CONSISTENT BARTENDER ENGAGEMENT: The consistent communications direct supporters to donate online in honor of each individual guest bartender, creating room for some friendly competition. Our contests are designed to raise money and awareness in a fun atmosphere.

And here's what sets this system apart: Our data show that events will raise more money through online donations than they do in cash in their tip jars the night of the event. Think about it: You may tip $1.00 on a drink in cash, but the average online donation made in honor of a Guest Bartender is $50.00.

Even more nitty gritty:

Our proprietary fundraising system maximizes social media's algorithms and unique fundraising strategies. The combination of these techniques lets us create volunteer-driven community partnerships with charitable organizations and causes, such as:

  • animal shelters
  • schools
  • sports teams
  • medical conditions
  • education
  • arts
  • social causes
  • the environment 

Volunteers get to become "guest bartenders" at local restaurants, which gets their friends, family, and co-workers to attend as patrons and donors and help raise money on a given night. 

Once you sign up, we'll provide you with the official Guest Bartender Program timelines, checklists, organizational documents, and a series of pre-written email and social media communications that your bartenders send to their contacts once a week for four weeks leading up to your event. 

Even more: the Guest Bartender Program team will design your flyer and your Facebook Event Page, collect and process all online donations, provide you with access to track how your bartenders are doing with online donations, as well as customize your pre-written emails and social media postings for you and your bartenders to promote the event.

The takeaway

The Guest Bartender Program is a win-win for everybody.

Charities raise money with little to no staff time, money, or resources required.

Restaurants make money with no time, money, or marketing invested – we bring the event to them.

Everybody wins!

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