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How Tip Donations Are Handled

ONLINE DONATIONS: Each bartender will be provided with a link to their own unique donation landing page. This link will be embedded in all of the email and social media communications that we provide them with.

You will be able to track who is donating in honor of which bartender, who is raising the most money, and how your event is doing in total.

Once the online donations start to dry up, usually about 7 days after an event, we will consult with you about the right time to close the online donations window and you will be mailed a check for your donations net of credit card processing fees, usually less than four percent of total money raised from your event.


Cash & Credit Card Tips:  At 6:00 pm the establishment's employed bartenders will start new tabs for all patrons in the bar area. All tips from 6:00-9:00 that are earned in the bar area will be collected and placed into the charitable organization's tip jars. This includes tips intended for the guest bartenders as well as tips intended for the regularly employed bartenders.

All credit card tips during the same time period will be converted to cash by the bartenders and placed into your tip jars continuously throughout the evening.  

Tips are only counted once, at the end of the night, in the manager's office, and they will be counted jointly at the same time by the manager and a representative of your organization.

The restaurant manager will then hold back the first $396.00 of the tips as compensation to the bartenders and their support staff.  This money is their tip money that was placed into your tip jars that you are now returning to them as a sort of hourly compensation.  It is money that they earned for their labor.  It is done this way because it is too confusing having regular bartender and separate guest bartender tips jars behind the bar at the same time. 

At the end of the night you will leave with all cash tips, checks, and all cash from any silent auction, raffle or game that you have collected.  All credit card tips will have already been converted to cash as described above.

Inquire with your host venue manager to see if they will consider contributing a small percentage of the night's dining room sales.  This is something that you would have arranged with the host venue manage prior to the event and as an incentive for you to promote the event to drive traffic to their facility to dine during the event.

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