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The Program Explained

With over 700 events and millions of dollars raised for charities and causes of all types, we've learned a thing or two to maximize the most amount of money and awareness raised with the least amount of your time and effort.

Once your event date is selected and you are signed up, your 18 guest bartenders will sign into their individual dashboards where they will upload their information.  They will then receive an automated communication once a week for four weeks prompting them to do simple things such as: Click 'like' and 'attending' on the Facebook event we will create for you, share the event on their personal Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages and profiles, and invite 125 of their friends, family, and co-workers through email and social media.

With the Guest Bartender Program we will explain:

ON PREMISE EVENT STRUCTURE: Events run from 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm with 18 guest bartenders.  We explain how and why.

SELECTING BARTENDERS:   In the section Your Bartenders, below, learn about the Seven Key Attributes or Seven Key Personality Traits that you are looking for in a great guest bartender.

RECRUITING YOUR BARTENDERS: Use the Bartender Recruitment Communication in your Organizer Dashboard to reach out to your bartenders initially and to set their expectations of what you are asking them to do.  

BARTENDER CONTESTS: Contests are important because they keep your event top of mind for your bartenders throughout the month long period leading up to your event. We explain how in the Promotions section, below.

SOCIAL MEDIA COLLATERAL:  The Guest Bartender Program graphic design team will create promotional content for you to share on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

EVENT FLYER:  The Guest Bartender Program graphic design team will create your flyer for you in two versions, .pdf for sharing in emails and .jpeg for sharing on social media, complete with a QR Code taking donors straight to the online donation page that we create for you.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE:  The Guest Bartender Program social media team will create your Facebook Event Page for you.  We will send you a link to a draft of the Page before it goes live. At that time you will 'Like' the page so that we can give you administrative rights to the page. Going forward you will be able to make changes, updates, and posts as you wish.

TEE SHIRTS:  Learn how Tee Shirts can be a fun addition to your event.

CASH AND CREDIT CARD TIPS: We explain how the cash, credit card tips and bartender compensation is handled.

ONLINE DONATIONS: No matter how small or large your cause or organization, we provide each bartender with their own unique donation landing page and a dashboard to keep track of it all.

BASKET OF CHEER:  Start the night off with $800 in pre-sold raffle tickets.

ANGELS and SPONSORS: We share several fundraising strategies and techniques for securing sponsors and angel donors to match donations.

QUESTIONS? Email: [email protected]

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