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Promotional Items


YOUR FLYER: The Guest Bartender Program graphic design team will create your flyer for you in two versions, .pdf for sharing in emails and .jpeg for sharing on social media, complete with a QR Code taking donors straight to the online donation page that we create for you.

Simply provide us with your logo, photo images and any social media and website links to:  [email protected]. Then, after your bartenders have signed up on your event dashboard the Guest Bartender Program graphic design team will create a flyer for your event, complete with a Quick Scan QR Code that donors can scan with their phone camera to make a contribution.

The vast majority of people will see your event flyer in electronic format as an attachment to email communications, as part of your Facebook Event, and as part of the guest bartenders' social media. 

  • CHANGE FEE:  Please double check spelling of names and email addresses.  Any changes to your flyer, email program, Facebook Page and/or Donation pages after final approval has been given will be charged $50.00, to be deducted from your online donations.
  • After we send you the completed flyer, we suggest that you have the flyer printed in color on heavy card stock and give copies to your bartenders for them and their supporters to post. 

YOUR INSTAGRAM CONTENT: The Guest Bartender Program graphic design team will provide two multi-slide carousel posts to share on your Instagram feed, as well as one Instagram Story. One post will promote the event and your organization, the second will promote your bartenders.

YOUR TEE SHIRTS:  Tee Shirts can be a fun addition to your event.  When bartenders and guests where shirts they make for great photo opportunities.

A simple fundraising idea is to sell sponsorships to companies to put their logo on the shirts.

Another idea is to list each of your bartenders by name on the back of the shirt- the bartenders really get a kick out of seeing their name on a shirt.

If you would like to have tee shirts or any type of promotional product made for your event please contact Cindy Prendergast at Stamford Screen Printing at (302) 654-2442, or by email at: [email protected]  They can do your design and they ship anywhere in the country.


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