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"Your Guest Bartender Program is truly amazing! Over the last nine years we have raised over $135,000.00 using the fundraising strategies and techniques in the guest bartender program–each year we average approximately $15,000.00 from all sources.

Your program is so simple and easy to follow–we just follow the directions and forward the customized communications. Our bartenders love being behind the bar for their shifts! You have truly thought of everything–we just follow the timeline until the night of the event and we always have an amazing time!"

– Jane Pierantozzi, Faithful Friends Animal SocietyFounder and Executive Director 


"CompAnimals Pet Rescue feels lucky to have been introduced to BBC Tavern and Grill’s guest bartender program! BBC’s approach is smart and organized. By following their steps, CompAnimals far exceeded our fundraising goals, raising a large amount of money our shelter needed to help the local homeless animals in our care. We were thrilled with the experience."

– Holly Rybinski, Secretary of the CompAnimals Pet Rescue Board of Directors