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On Premise Event Timeline


Print out this timeline and keep it as a handy reference and reminder leading up to the night of your event.

Before you get started, read the articles in the How It Works section of this website

Minimum two weeks before the launch of your event:

  1. Add Event Organizers on the Guest-Bartender website
  2. Read the articles in the How It Works section on this website
  3. Meet with co-hosts to select bartenders based on their 7 key personality traits/ attributes
  4. Use your Event Dashboard to send your bartenders Communication #1- Bartender Recruitment Communication
  5. Secure date with Host Venue
  6. Request the 'Bartender Schedule Template' from: [email protected]

After your bartenders have all signed up on the Guest-Bartender website to be bartenders:

Follow the instructions and set the dates on your calendar for when to send each of the following communications to your bartenders:

  1. Communication #2:  ‘Bartenders Set Appointments to Receive Communications’
  2. Communication #3:  ‘Day Before First Broadcast Communication’ 
  3. Communication #4:  ‘Day of First Broadcast Communication Follow-Up’ 
  4. Communication #5:  ‘Significant Others’ 
  5. Communication #6:  ‘Guest Bartending Update’ 
  6. Communication #7:   Day Before Your Event’ 
  7. Communication #8:  ‘The Day of Your Event’ 

Minimum of Five weeks before your event:

Determine the Bartender contests per the How It Works article

At least once a week before your event:

  1. Post messages in the timeline of your FB Event
  2. Remind the Bartenders about the contests that you are running
  3. Remind Bartenders to log into their accounts to see how much money they have raised

One Week Prior to Your event:

  1. Check in with Host Venue to make sure they are prepared

Day After your event:

  1. Forward Communication #9:  'After Event Communication' reminding your bartenders to log into their accounts and to forward the message to their supporters

Follow this timeline carefully and you will have a great event!